HackSaw: The Detailed Breakdown

I was hoping to have this wrapped before April 1st, but it appears the April Fool is ME! I guess I could have used some...



Anyways, here it is, the detailed breakdown for HACKSAW! As always, this breaks down the whole kit and caboodle, so spoilers ahead. Proceed accordingly.

You should be able to download this for easier reading if needed. Let me know if you have any trouble:

In some ways I think this one is more complete and contained than THE WITCH IN THE WOODS, but in some ways I've felt more at sea on this script, so perhaps that was necessary. THE WITCH IN THE WOODS was pretty simple, and while this isn't necessarily complicated, there's a bit more juggling to do here as far as plotting and tone go.

Also, doing the +/- emotional change section was a bit bizarre to track here as this is a horror movie, so mostly whatever + you manage to find should turn into a - pretty quickly because, you know, horror and such. Ah, well.

Writing to commence imminently. My main concern here is fully conceiving and writing out these traps. I think that will be the most problematic aspect of putting this all down on paper, but we'll see how that goes.

Onward, onward, into the valley of scripting marches the brave Jake Thomas. To celebrate breakdown completion, I'll have Gainesville's own Tom Petty play us out. Take it away, Tom!


Stay Weird!

-Jake T.


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